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Browse. Book. Shoot! Camera Operators/DP's, Audio, Hair/Makeup Artists, Producers, Full Service Production Companies & more. Available to be booked directly.

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All levels of crew personnel are welcome! With a membership on The Crew List, you're able to feature a full profile including links to your reel & all contact details for direct booking. We also don't limit the number of positions or locations with your listing.

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Inquiries are redirected from productions that could not find a crew in the location they needed on The Crew List. Don't Miss Out on This Work!

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In order to populate the list quickly with crew members, for a limited time use code: CREW19 and receive an introductory rate of $19 for your first year. SIGN UP NOW!

Production Professionals

The Crew List is for both sides of production. The professionals who need to find top quality crew members for their productions and the personnel who skills and experience can be found right here through a quick search. Through a detailed profile, vetting can take place quickly and contact can be made directly through the site. 

Worldwide Reach

Top talent is often a short distance from your shoot location. Utilizize the interactive map: Enter your shoot location and the crew search radius to pull all crew member types you are searching in that region. Not enough options?
Give The Crew Company a call while The Crew List is populating, they are there to help fill the gaps.

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The Crew List was started by The Crew Company founders for production professionals who want to crew their own shoots from search, to vetting, negotiation, booking, payment – and everything in between that a booking agency would otherwise handle. A less overwhelming alternative to staffing sites, hubs and social media groups.

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Are you a freelancer & want to be listed on The Crew List?

All Crew Levels Are Welcome!

Camera Op/DP's to Production Assistants can feature a full profile with links to a reel & contact details for direct booking. Open up your services to a new range of clientele!

No Pay Your Way to the Top

Because we don't allow free listings or options to pay more to "feature" listings, all members are vetted based on their qualifications for the shoot...not by how much a member paid to appear first on the list.

Expertise and Talent are what Counts

Production professionals can easily find you and book you directly based on your skills and experience.

I checked out The Crew List and I love it! It’s the most user friendly, informative, comprehensive database and search tool I have used! There are so many “crew databases” out there that are a mess and you can’t find anything. I really like the way yours is set up and how much information is available. Great job!”.
Producer - Endemol USA
The Crew List website has added a dimension to the “Crewing” process that didn’t really exist before… It’s a game changer.
Line Producer - Sony Pictures Television

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You will find physicians, assistants and compassionate staff enthusiastic and committed.

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Using the interactive map, search and browse members to vet and match them to your production’s needs. Coming up empty in the area you are searching? Call The Crew Company. (Always check back, the site is new.)

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Independent Contractors such as camera operators/DP’s, audio operators, hair/make-up artists, Producers and full-service production companies are listed worldwide. The booking production handles all rate negotiations and payments directly with crew members.

Easy To Use

We keep the crew member and the production manager in mind. Other staffing sites are incredibly complex and layered with ads. Sourcing the right crew in the right place shouldn’t be an overwhelming task. We ask you 2 questions: Where do you need the crew? What personnel do you need?

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